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We  continue  to  invest  in  personnel  ,  training ,  storage  , handling   and  security  facilities .

More specifically:

o   SEMICON OE  received ANAB  ISO9001/2008 certification # 99017313.

In  this  framework procedures  related  to  QMS  are  in process  as  follows:

-Document control,
-Quality policy,
-Customer satisfaction,
-Customer complaints 
-Purchased Material
-Sample Inspection
-Traceability  procedures
-Calibration records
-Non Conforming  material
-Product Identification 
-Product  Segregation
-Employee Training Program
-Employee Training Records

Regarding  facilities ,  procedures  are  running  as  follows:

o   Environmental conditions control:
-Temperature {20C-30C} * Model RHT10  by  extech {www.extech.com|
-Humidity {30%-60%  J-STD-033B}*  Model RHT10  by  extech {www.extech.com|
-All  RH  and  Temp. checks are  recorded.
-All personnel are familiar with environmental conditions  required.
-Calibration  of  Instrument  RHT10 by   Hellenic Aerospace Industry   {with  certification.}
-All products  are  sealed in  MBB s.
-Caliration Program in place.

* Model RHT10  by  extech { www.extech.com }


3M Model  960 Balanced Ionizer for  EPA

o   ESD  facilities  and procedures.
-Training on  ESD Standards  ,  procedures and  specifications  by  B.E.STAT European ESD competence centre
www.bestat-group.com }  and  { https://www.bestat-cc.com } ****

-More  advance  trainings  will follow under  “continuous improvement procedure”.
-Internal  awareness  trainings  have  taken  place.
-EPA and  ESD  awareness is further  enhanced  by  frequent  new  reports and  pages  circulated  within.

All  EPA  {ESD}  facilities  are designed  to  comply  with  JEDEC  STD 625-A,ANSI/ESD S20.20
This  includes:
-Grounding  Verification.*
-ESD Personnel Grounding
-ESD protective flooring/mats
-Wrist straps
-Heel straps
-ESD Monitoring.
-Grounding calibration
-Grounding Verification
-Work surface resistivity***
-floor conductivity
-caution signs posted in  the  EPA
-Wrist strap testing
-Balanced Ionizers in  EPA **
-Moisture Barrier Bags {MBB}
-ESD protective flooring connected to ESD ground.*

*      xWATCH  by  ELME SRL  purchased. {www.elme.it}
**    3M Model  960 Balanced Ionizer for  EPA {USA version}
***   Model SCC-625   by  SCC ESD Products Division  USA  {
**** B.E.STAT group counts to the leading and most competent static control companies in Europe.

Model SCC-625

o   On  security several  procedures  are  in  development.:
-security program
-out of  work hours security
-unauthorized access not  permitted.
-Reporting system in place for breach of security.
-Entry to EPA regulations

Enlarged Pictures of EPA  area.

Model SCC-625
Surface Resistance Meter

The SCC-625 is a wide range, multi-scale, auto-ranging meter. It measures resistivity in ohm/square (ASTM D257 units), resistance in ohms (ANSI/ESD S11.11 UNITS) and resistance to ground (RTG) for mats. Appropriate for auditing static control items. Measures conductive, dissipative and insulative items. The meter is battery powered and simple to use. High speed electronics insure repeatable measurements.

 3M Model  960 Balanced Ionizer   

 xWATCH by Elme srl.

Model RHT10  by  Extech

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